Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Scraps N Pieces Newest Kit!!!

Barber Shoppe! 
NEW Scraps N Pieces Kit
Great for No Shave November Photos! 
Haircuts! Prom fancy Up-doos!
Only $3.00 at both Scraps-n-Pieces and My Memories 
for the first week.



I just had to scrap photos of my sports super hero...Jay Buhner of the Seattle Mariners!  
Since the journaling is tiny here it is...this is seriously one of my favorite life memories.

When it came time for you to circle the bases at the opening Mariners game in 2001 you were beyond overwhelmed. It was Ichiro’s first day on the team and there were thousands of people in the stands and camera crews everywhere.  You began to cry and say that you didn’t want to do it.  That made a few people panic and they immediately called over Jay Buhner.  This amazing guy came right over and said, “Hey Anderson! Let’s take care of that snotty nose.” He proceeded to wipe the snot from your nose with his own jersey! He then asked who your favorite player was and we all about died when he said, “Edgar.”  But Jay bounced right back with “who is your other favorite?” After you said “You.” He said “Why?” And then he took off his hat to show his smooth bald head.  Daddy took off your hat to show your matching head and you broke out in a huge grin.  Buhner proceeded to give you a personal set of batting gloves (you were thrilled that there was gum on them) and wrist bands.  I don’t care what his baseball record was or how much money he made…to me, Jay Buhner will always be the greatest baseball hero of all time.

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