Friday, October 31, 2014

Let Me Take A Selfie -- New kit by Scraps N Pieces the designers!!!!

This was the kit for retreat attendees in 2014. It is a super fun kit for all kinds of pictures. If you love taking selfies, or photo booth style scrapping, you will want to pick up this fun kit. Make sure you grab it this week because it's only $3.00 the first week of release.

Preview are linked




(Also uses a Memories By Digital Design template)


Friday, October 24, 2014

New Quick Pages By Scraps N Pieces - the designers

Scraps N Pieces has a little release for you whether you have girls or boys. They have two fun new QP packs in the store. The first one is It's A Girl Thing QP pack. Twelve pages of girlie fun-ness for your day at the spa or the mall or just whatever. These packs are available at both their Scraps N Pieces store and our My Memories store. Hopefully you are a newsletter subscriber, because there is an awesome coupon for these packs in their newsletter. If not, be sure to sign up now so you don't miss the special offers and FREEBIES they have in there.


Their 2nd set is great for boys into motorcycles, ATVs, dune buggys, or really any off road event. You will love this awesome 12 page pack of grungy goodness. This pack is also included in their newsletter coupon and available at both Scraps N Pieces and My Memories. SNP_ORQPspreview

See you next week with an actual new kit!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Super Saturday!!!!

For Super Saturday we have Rock on and Starting Fresh. You can get either of them for $2.00 each. Images are linked.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Scrap By Numbers 10 By AKDesigns!!!!!!

Scrap By Numbers 10

We are getting close to the end of the Scrap By Numbers series! This month I bring you templates that hold 10 photos. I really enjoyed making this pack. It has different styles which I think you will like. You will find photo strips, blocking, layer stacking and circle photos in this pack. Scrap By Numbers 10 is on sale for a limited time. 

 You can find this pack at:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Template Pack By AKDesigns!!!!

Life's A Project 9

If you are caught up on your Project 52/365 YAY! You go! If not let me help you out. Life's A Project 9 is at SNP! These are not just your plain block templates. There is inspiration in every corner of these template and details all over. On Sale Now!

This pack can be found at:

New From Scraps N Pieces!!!!

Hi there! Scraps N Pieces has two new QP packs in the store this week. Grab Deep Blue Sea and Hold on Tight! Great for Disney and Sea World photos. There are TONS of photo spots. There is a 1/2 off coupon in our newsletter, so be sure you are subscribed so you can get future deals and if you are already subscribed, check your newsletter from yesterday.

HOTQPsnewsletter DBSQPsnewsletter

Also, don't forget that they are retiring 35 products and the 11th is the last day to get these fun items. Grab them individually or by the bundle.


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall Retirement Sale!!!

The designers at Scraps N Pieces are retiring the old to make room for lots of new stuff coming up this next year. Grab these great deals October 5-11, 2014. After that, these products will be gone forever.


Friday, October 3, 2014

Super Saturday Sales

For this Saturday, we have selected two great kits for you. Proud To Be An American and Pass Set Kill. You can get either of these for only $2.00 each.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Memories By Digital Design--- Fantastic New Template Pack!!!!!

Memories by Digital Designs has a new release, a template pack called It's a Date.  Inspired by perpetual calendars, this creative pack is just $1 for one week.  After that, it's back to regular price.

October With AKDesigns!!!!!

October Bits N Pieces

Bring on that fall weather and the holidays that come with it! Happy October everyone! Gotta stop in and share what AKDesigns has in October's BNP event! She thought it was long over due for a timeline pack! She made one of those as well as a regular page pack. Template Pack 75 is ideal for Project 52/365 because it holds 7 photos per a template. Get them each for just $1.00 now through October 7th.

$1.00 Each!

Template Pack 75

I made a bookmark using the timeline pack!

Goodies from Wendy Tunison Designs!

Wendy Tunison Designs has cooked up a whole batch of goodies for you for the BNP sale at SNP this week!  For the first 7 days of October, you can pick up each of these pieces for just $1.00 each! 
Wendy has always been a HUGE fan of creating her own planners and customizing other planners to her needs.  She's created a fun little Artsy Planner kit for you that includes templates in 12x12, 8.5x11 and 5.5x8.5 so you can easily print your planners or simply keep them on your computer for easy reference and documenting.  She's created the templates in gray scale so you can easily clip any paper to the pieces and play with the blend mode to truly customize your planner to your tastes and style!  Wendy also included some fun pieces to enhance your planner in this pack that I'm sure you'll love and find that you can include in your scrapping as well!
Wendy has also created a couple of fun packs of Calendar Pebbles that will be great for customizing your calendar or planner or even placing on your layouts!  These fun pieces can be used as is or you can layer a color overlay on them to create a fun custom colored piece!
In addition to those fun pebbles, Wendy created some date stamps to add to your layouts and planner that she thought would be fun and versatile enough to fit most any occasion or need.  This first set would be so much fun to use directly on a photo or on a journal card!  There are so many possibilities.  Simply clip any paper to them or use your favorite styles to fancy them up!
The second set is a little more layerable.  Simply clip your desired paper to each of the pieces or add a style and layer these onto your layout or into your planner!  So super easy and so customizable!
Wendy's also created some fun washi tape because we all know how much fun that is to add to our projects! 
What's even more fun that washi tape?  Washi tape with words on it or attached to it!  These fun strips of talking tape will make it so much fun to add a title or thought to your layout!
Of course, if stitches are more your style than tape for fastening things down and adding a little interest, you'll want to pick up this fabulous stitchery set!  Wendy created each of these stitches herself and you'll not find them anywhere else.  Full of fun autumn themed pieces and some versatile words and shapes as well, this set is so much fun to use!   She's included some buttons and scatters as well because they simply make her happy!
Wendy has created some thought provoking journal card sets as well this month that would be so much fun to add to most any page or if you're really brave, print them out and add them to your planners!
While she was on the subject of page prompts, she thought she'd create some fun little word tabs too.  Well, she just couldn't stop and ended up with a HUGE assortment of fun words to add to your layouts.  Sized at 3 inches, these would work wonderfully as a cute title piece or you could size them down a bit and spell out some fun words with them!  Wendy tried to sort them out a little by category in case you're looking for something specific.
D Is For Dates is just that...all about the dates you might need to document or celebrate in your life!  Included are the months of the year, days of the week, numbers, and several other fun words to use when documenting specific days!
E is for Exploration is for those of you that are looking to do a little self exploration.  Perfect for conquering all of those tough subjects and an art journaler's dream set, you'll find this one will make you dig a little deeper!
H is for How is chock full of descriptive words.  These would be all of those silly adjectives we all love to use!  Use them as stand alone titles or group them together for some silly fun!
I don't know about you but my kids and I definitely can have some mood swings!  M is for Moody covers a wide range of moods from happy to wild and everything in between from mad to delightful!
Looking for something to describe the people in your life?  P Is For People has all the words you'll need to describe everyone from your mother to your tween!
R Is For Random is just that...a whole lot of random words that could fit into perfectly any project you're working on!
Do you ever need a title or word bit that covers the way you're feeling?  S Is For State Of Mind is the perfect choice for you!
W Is For Whatever is full of all the things Wendy wanted to add that didn't quite fit into any of the other categories.  It's a modge podge of fun words that cover a myriad of things!  If you can't find it anywhere else, it's probably right here in this set!
Of course, you may want to have some papers to play with all of this!  Wendy has created two fabulous paper packs that are mostly black and white with just a hint of yellow and grey here and there.  These sets are versatile enough to work with most anything else and so much fun for adding just that bold pop of pattern to your project!
And finally, Wendy has created an awesome ellie pack full of clusterable pieces!  You know how much she loves to cluster and this pack has all of those pieces that make clustering so much fun!  There are plenty of flowers, leaves, and swirly things! 
Now that you've seen all of the fun things Wendy's created, wouldn't you love to see the gorgeous and clever creations our creative team has made?

Have a fabulous day!