Friday, December 6, 2013

Amazing new kit and some exciting stuff from Wendy Tunison Designs!!!!

Wendy Tunison Designs has been cooking up some goodies too for this week's releases!  You know who you are.  Yes you!  The person who can't even process a conversation in the morning until you have that steaming cup in your hand!  Whether it be home brewed, drive-thru or the office pot, you've got to have it!  There are variations of every kind, half-caf, double shot, and whip on top!  It doesn't really matter so long as there's that must-have liquid in the mix.  Americano, Irish and Columbian too, of course, there's a flavor just for you!  If you like it black or you like it with soy, it's always that first cup you enjoy!  Put it in a cup, thermos or carry out cup, it all cures the craving and that's all that matters!  Check out the awesome Mocha Monday collection!  It's just $1.00 for each piece during the first week of December!

Take a peek at the fabulous layouts our CT created with this collection...

Wendy is also hosting the Template Challenge at SNP this month so be sure to stop by and pick up this template and play along!
And don't forget to stop by her FB Fan page each day in December for a goodie! 
Have a great day!

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