Saturday, January 1, 2011

{Something Beautiful} release by AmyDane Designs

Okay, so you many have seen this kit already, since we used it as a Participation Prize for a Speed Scrap in December, so there have been some layouts posted around the forum for a while, but this is the “official” release.  The kit is perfect for black and white or color photos and I think the color scheme is especially great for wintry pictures!  You can check out the full kit and the inspiration we had for designing it below:

ADD_SB_previewfull (600 x 600) 

*Click on the preview to find it on sale in the Stuff To Scrap store this week!

About Something Beautiful
( A note from our CT member, Tammy, who gave us the inspiration for this kit: )
This kit was made in memory of my husband’s late daughter, Kiya Renee. January 28, 2011 will be 5 years since she passed away. Each time my husband sees a butterfly, he thinks of Kiya; we say she is flying with the butterflies. She lived for 5 ½ years with cerebral palsy, battling surgeries and many illnesses. Through it all, she always had the most amazing smile & laugh. There’s something beautiful about those moments in your child’s life that may seem insignificant to others – my husband can remember all those moments with Kiya. The next time you see a butterfly, remember all those parents who have lost a child and remember to hug your child every night.

Here’s a photo of beautiful Kiya:


You should all know that I had tears in my eyes as I put the final touches on Something Beautiful. Please take the time to make a special memory with your child or children today. Don’t take their health for granted and cherish every second, even when they make you a little crazy! I hope that you can use this kit to record something beautiful about your own family. I’d love to see your layouts, if you’d like to share, please post your layouts in the gallery at STS and see what everyone else has to share.

If you would like to help out children like Kiya and their families, you can find a donation link for United Cerebral Palsy at

“UCP is one of the nation’s most efficient charities, with a system wide average of 85% of all revenues going to programs. With more than 95 affiliates across the nation, UCP serves a million Americans each year, 65% of whom have a disability other than cerebral palsy. That's 176,200 people a day.”

Join us tomorrow for all of the CT layouts made with this kit (including Tammy’s) until then, here are some pages by the AmyDane Designers:




ADD_SB_HDC_solos_OMAJAKEaffectionNOV10 (600 x 600)120810_ADDsb_DECtempChallJOSHwilson (600 x 600)120910ADDsb_SS195b (600 x 600)

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